Monday, July 28, 2008

NEW GHETTO MOD! halfbacking! v.1

Hey guys! I finally finished a new mod!
I halfbacked/halfblocked/ w/e the fuck you wanna call it my viewloader...
ill have pics up soon...
but for halfbacking...
it was rather simple...just take a hacksaw and chop the part u want off...dont go as far as the first o-ring! then just file/sand/dremel the rest...a new set will come out eventually wen i get a new gun and can do it step by step now thta ik how to do it....
I will do this to anyone who wants their gun halfbacked...the price will be $10-$50 plus shipping.
Most will be $10-$25 but extremely detailed ones will be more...the turnaround is 1 week plus shipping.
leave a comment,
email me at,
PM me on PBN at JABOO
PM me on youtube at JABOOxxRJH
or IM me on AIM at JABOOxxRJH
thanks bye!

P.S.-donations are welcome!
i need money to run this!
its about $30-$100 a gun...which int cheap for me seeing as how my gun is a spyder mech this ste will now run only on donations...thank you.

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